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A fun game for the whole family.

Take a deep breath and dive into the depths of the sea. Collect the shells that hide shiny white pearls. The longer you stay underwater, the more shells you can collect. But be careful! If you see a shark, you will have to drop all the shells and swim for your life. Who will manage to ‘catch’ the most of white pearls?

Game Features:

  • teaches children attentiveness;
  • intro to risk evaluation;
  • develops fine motoric skills, colour codes, counting skills.


  • game board-box,
  • 4 divers,
  • shark,
  • color dice,
  • shark dice,
  • 53 shell tokens, and the game rules.


Authors – Tanja Malinowski and Marcus Meigel, Illustrator – Gediminas Akelaitis