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An exciting underwater park invites you to enter a competition for the best underwater photograph. Who will be the fastest to take the best picture? However, be careful: only clear shots count! All the players play at the same time. The photographer who puts together the longest fish will be the winner of the game.

This game is perfect for developing attention to detail, improving reactions and response times, and therefore hand-eye coordination. Young players can judge their results themselves, without any help from adults, as this puzzle game is easy and suitable for children. In order to challenge children of different ages, and to make the competition more exciting, the game difficulty can be adjusted to match the skills of the players, because the green side of the aquarium is slightly easier to play than the blue one. The large camera with a rectangular lens increases the difficulty of the game compared to the small square camera, as it can also be moved to a vertical position.

With several levels of difficulty, cameras of different complexity and no mind-twisting additional rules, you will never be bored playing FOTO FISH, no matter how many times you play!




  • 4 two-sided aquariums
  • 4 puzzle fish of different colors (head and tail puzzle pieces)
  • 12 large fish puzzle pieces
  • 36 small fish puzzle pieces
  • 2 dice
  • 8 cameras (4 large and 4 small)


Autor: Michael Kallauch

Illustrations by: Rasa Joni and Gediminas Akelaitis