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You live on a small island and are constantly having to compete for the most beautiful garden. So, grab your spade and hurry to the garden!

You’ll win if you finish your garden first. But there’s just one snag, and it’s called Hugo. Hugo is a giant monkey, who sleeps peacefully most of the time. Unfortunately, he always wakes up starving. And when he does, beware, and look out for your garden! Will you get to grips with this giant’s hunger?

HUNGRY HUGO is a great family board game with 3D elements. It helps players to develop their tactical thinking, and teaches them to make good decisions when reaching for their goals.




  • 1 Hugo (wooden figure)
  • 4 gardens (areas)
  • 4 huts
  • 20 garden decor standees with base
  • 50 action cards
  •  1 dice
  • the rules


Author: Jean-Claude Pellin und Jens Merkl

Illustrations by: Gediminas Akelaitis