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The sleepy Ducklings wake up at the crack of dawn. The morning is beautiful, the sun is shining, and there is a colourful rainbow in the sky. While the sun is shining and the morning is warm and fun, Mother Duck rushes to take the Ducklings to the pond for a swim. But a cloud appears in the sky and is going to hide the sun. And when there is no sunshine, the Ducklings will not want to go swimming. Therefore, Mother Duck and the Ducklings need to hurry and take a swim while the sun is still shining and is inviting them to bathe.

An entertaining game for young players:
– teaches shape recognition
– develops fine motor skills
– encourages making basic tactical decisions


  • The rules;
  • 4 Ducks;
  • 1 dice;
  • 1 assembling board-box;
  • 12 path pieces.


Authors: Luca Bellini and Luca Borsa, Illustrator: Gediminas Akelaitis