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Hey there, locomotive! Where are you going? And what’s that you’re carrying? Join up the wagons to make the longest train, and take it back to your engine shed. Choo-Choo!! The adventure trip is just beginning! The player who collects the most wagons wins the game. The easy rules and colourful locomotives make it great fun, not only for children but also for adults.

This funny and absorbing educational board game has lots of playful and educational elements: it encourages children to concentrate, to distinguish different colours, and to perceive the relationships between similar objects.




  • 3 locomotives
  • 30 wagons
  • 2 colored dice
  • 1 locomotive dice
  • 3 stop signs
  • Rules


Author: Thilo Hutzler

Illustrations by: Dovydas Čiuplys and Gediminas Akelaitis