Tricky Street

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It’s a city jungle – cars, traffic lights, road works. And all mail trucks are full of parcels waiting for delivery. How to break through those jungles and become first who delivers all the parcels?

A fun and eventful game that:
– Introduces to the first numbers and road signs;
– Teaches to make the first tactical decisions;
– And the delivery of parcels and race brings a lot of joy.


  • 1 game board,
  • 4 mail trucks,
  • 16 parcel cards, 
  • 1 traffic light,
  • 1 road sign „road works“,
  • 1 traffic light dice (black),
  • 1 „road works“ dice (white),
  • game rules.


Author: Felix Beukemann, Illustrator: Gediminas Akelaitis